Self Therapy's effectiveness is not guaranteed, and results will vary by person. As a general self development technique (not tailored medical advice), it won't be appropriate for everyone.

However, there's no doubt that many people do find the program extremely helpful - as can be seen from the following testimonials. Just keep in mind that a sampling of positive comments should not be considered typical results.

I have tried the Anxiety download everyday so far and I can't tell you how much it has helped.

When an anxiety attack comes on, it's comforting to know that there are exercises I can try to help alleviate the anxiety instead of becoming more and more anxious.

...near perfect weapons needed to be combat ready for the fight against panic attacks, I am more than pleased with my download... I hope you do not mind my forwarding the information to anyone that will benefit from it at any given time.

The stuff really works! I have used the techniques and they have helped sooooo much.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical having tried other types of therapies but this one is definitely effective.

I did notice after only using the technique the second time, a major 'shift' in a severe episode of extreme anxiety I have been experiencing for the last few weeks!

I feel better already... I feel hopeful for the first time in my life that I can live without anxiety taking over my life... I really like the idea of getting to core of the anxiety instead of trying to cover it up with a medication.

I want to say that I am glad I found this site... It may have saved my life or my sanity. I am feeling better already. And for the 1st time in 6 years I feel like I have control of my body again.

I used the program and I have been very satisfied with it... I have always tried relaxation techniques and they never worked.

I listened to the audio six or seven times over a period of about four or five weeks and in doing so I did experience relief from anxiety, and I have not experienced an attack since that time. Thanks, for your help!

Thank you very much for your program. I am now 9 weeks pregnant and I was concerned about what my anxiety was doing to the baby. Now I'm not so concerned because it's under my control.

I am experiencing quite high anxiety at the moment and gave it a try last night and this morning on the train to work. I found a real reduction in my anxious feelings this morning and a sense of peace that I haven't experienced in quite a while.

It was wonderful! I don't want to 'jinx' myself, but I'm pretty sure it actually took [the anxiety feelings] away. I'm feeling great, and when that anxious feeling creeps up I just do the [technique] and before you know it I'm fine. It's unbelievable.

Your therapy was simply the solution I needed at the precise moment I downloaded it. I have never felt better and everytime I feel the symptoms" of an attack, I just [practice the technique]. At that very moment, I am back in line and back in time.

I just wanted to say that I have been dealing with anxiety since about 6 years old which is as early as I can remember. Of course then I couldn't recognize it for what it was. I was diagnosed with panic disorder at 16 and have been on different medications on and off over the last 6 years. I'm 28 now and regardless of medication my panic disorder has gotten worse and harder to control over the years, to the point that I have panic attacks even in my 'safe zones' and with people I thought I could be around. At this point I was really scared. I thought I'd have to be committed or tranquilized with [Trademark drug name] for the rest of my life. Now I have found this product and it's the first time I've had real hope for coping with this disorder! After doing the first exercise I literally broke down and cried because I felt an immediate change and sense of relief! I have been trying so hard for so many years to fight it... I have a lot of work to do yet but for the first time it's like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can foresee having a normal life again. I want to say thank you and this is likely going to be the best [money] I have ever spent. Thank you so much for making it so affordable for someone like myself too (single mother of 3 children). Sincerely, - Vanessa P.

I have tried the exercises from the audio program and I have found them very helpful. I downloaded the program because I was a bit anxious about an upcoming presentation that I have to give in school... This unique approach is just what I needed. Thank you and the entire staff at

I was lying in bed feeling the urge of anxiety and awaiting the panic attack, i was short of breath and couldnt sleep, i knew the feelings would worsen if i kept thinking so i tried to distract myself, however i knew this was only temporary relief, and i did some research. i stumbled apon this site, and read the symptoms, and found an oddly amount of common symptoms and tendencies, drawing me to believe that this was real help. I started to listen to the tracks, and it scared me at first. I got a floating senations and an almost hypnotised feeling. However my panic subsided and i was at one with my energy, i overcame it and felt relax, at peace, with less to think about. I am amazed, with only one try it had changed me. I was beging to lose hope and wonder if there would ever be a fix to my anxiety. I now know i am not a lone, and with this process i can subside my anxiety. i greatly appriciate this therapy and will show my friend who has been suffering a great deal with panic attacks. I have realized how real and tramatic anxiety is but also how easily it can be erased. Thankyou so much. i will continue to use this practice... - Mackenzie B

Your program helped me get rid of my anxiety/panic attacks. I was actually on a leave of abscense from work for 1 week because of anxiety, your program helped rid the panic attacks effectively. I'm working again. Thank you so much, I appreciate it greatly! - Mark K

i underwent a lot of stress in my life. i had been suffering from panic attacks after my hysterectomy 4 years ago. i believe i had agoraphobia too.i was so scared to leave the house.being happy was not a choice for me.depression ate me alive. i felt hopeless and so lost. i used to be a very active and happy mother/nurse. now i am crippled with fear.i stumbled upon your video in you tube 4 days i followed your web address. after listening to tracks 1-6,i felt better already. i felt more alive.i just finished listening to tracks 7-10 now.i am so happy.i will do these exercises everyday.i wanted to make up for the years i lost to phobias and anxiety.i have the right to be happy again.thank you INDEED!!! more power to your program! - Jocille in Philippines

I had very severe anxiety and didn't recognize it as such until I did your course. Over the last few months I was wakening in the middle of the night. After one session of your instructions I had my first anxiety free night.

I found the program enormously helpful. I have struggled with anxiety for years, since I was a teenager... I've had at least 3 anxiety attacks, and sometime palpitations when things get really stressful. Since using your program I've been able [to] address the underlying cause of my anxiety. This has really been a remarkable change for me, and my anxiety doesn't escalate the way it used to. Honestly it's been a blessing in my life! - Carol

I felt IMMEDIATE reprieve from the anxiety... I was on the internet looking for counseling in the area because I could not handle it anymore on my own. This is when I stumbled across your audio tapes. To me your therapy is one of those 'lightbulb' moments.

After 10 years with no panic attacks, severe ones resurfaced in the last couple of months. I'm glad I knew what was happening to me, but was very upset they were back. I immediately went to my doctor, but also started looking for help on my own, which brought me to this website. In the middle of the very first time I listened to the audio on Youtube, I had a light bulb moment. I have steadily improved since and I credit these tapes. I no longer wake up afraid. I am becoming a friend to myself. Yesterday I had another attack. My first instinct was to down a [trademark name] , but I stopped myself and instead grabbed my computer and started Tape 6. It was very hard, but I got through it. The physical sensations remained, but the accompanying panic dissipated completely. What a gift to know that I can do this! I could go on and on about my experience and breakthroughs from the 1st 10 tapes, but I will just say, gratefully, thank you... - Beth in Texas

I ordered the audio file of your program and used it a year ago. It worked immediately and I have not had an anxiety attack since. I switched to a new computer and can't find the file. Is it possible to be able to re-download it. You may have a record of my email address perhaps? [NOTE: it's all free now] Thank you. - Amy G

I just wanted to say 'thanks' for helping my 15 year old son reduce his test anxiety. His test grades have improved and he is considerably less anxious at test time.

I've decided I need to thank you because I owe you at least that for giving me what you have. I have listened to your tracks every day for about three weeks now. I'm 47 and started acting at age 39. Graudually my fears shut me down until I felt I had to give up this lifelong desire of acting. The anxiety became "unbearable" Now I know I don't have to let my fears stop me from acting or socializing or any other application (I find new ones every day). I'm rehearsing for a play now and I know I can go through any stage fright I'll have. God bless you for your generosity and kindness. - Mimi A in California

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